Eligibility : All those candidates who have passed Graduation in any discipline from a University recognized by UGC.

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PO1-The PG Diploma in Fashion Design & Clothing Technology is a course that covers all aspects of the fashion industry, from design and production to marketing and retail management.

PO2-This program is ideal for those who want to start their own fashion business, as it provides students with the necessary skills to successfully run their own boutique.

On completion of this particular course, a student will be able to:

  • Semester I

    Course Code Course Title Course Objectives
    PGDFD101-20 Fashion Design and Production CO1-To help students to understand design fundamentals, elements and principles of design.

    CO2-To impart knowledge of different garment components.

    CO3-To impart awareness of quality parameter required for apparel products.

    PGDFD102-20 Fashion Fundamentals CO1-To develop awareness regarding Fashion, Style and Trends.

    CO2-To develop awareness regarding Fashion adoption, fashion movement, fashion prediction.

    PGDFD103-20 Pattern Development-I CO1-To impart knowledge about Different aspects of Pattern Making

    CO2-To impart knowledge about Drafting and adaptation of skirts

    CO3-To impart knowledge about Dart manipulation

    PGDFD104-20 Garment Making-I CO1-To impart knowledge about Various construction techniques.

    CO2-To impart knowledge about Applying these techniques in garment construction.

    PGDFD105-20 Fashion Illustration CO1-To enable students to understand Figure sketching

    CO2-To enable students to understand Illustration techniques for various garment details

    PGDFD106-20 CAD-I CO1-To acquaint students with knowledge of tools of Corel draw and Photoshop.
    PGDFD107-20 Garment Design CO1-To impart knowledge about Various fashion details

    CO2-To impart knowledge about Designing various outfits.

    CO3-To impart knowledge about Specification Sheet

    PGDFD108-20 Seminar CO1-The aim of a seminar is to share ideas and to figure out what others think about it. Students       attain public speaking skills and gain confidence for presenting.
  • Semester II

    Course Code Course Title Course Objectives
    PGDFD201-20 Fashion Marketing & Merchandising CO1-To provide the necessary knowledge, skills, values and attitudes of Fashion Marketing and Merchandising
    CO2-Understand consumer behaviour and build good customer relation.
    CO3-Marketing/Selling in creative products.
    PGDFD202-20 Historic Costumes CO1-To acquaint the students with different types of Indian and world costumes of different periods.
    CO2-Study of costumes including dresses, ornaments, headgear, hairstyles, footwear, significant motifs and textiles during periods.
    PGDFD203-20 Pattern Development-II CO1-To impart knowledge about Commercial paper patterns
    CO2-To impart knowledge about Grading
    CO3-To impart knowledge about Draping
    PGDFD204-20 Garment Making-II CO1To impart knowledge about Application of various construction techniques in garment construction.
    PGDFD205-20 Range Development CO1-To enable the students to apply the principles and knowledge of garment design development to create a collection
    PGDFD206-20 CAD-II CO1-To acquire skill in computer aided pattern making and grading
    PGDFD207-20 Industrial Training CO1-To provide students the opportunity to test their interest in a particular career before permanent commitments are made.
    CO2-To develop skills in the application of theory to practical work situations. To develop skills and techniques directly applicable to their careers.

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