General Information

General Information

Note – Management reserves the rights to change the rules of the Institute based on decision taken by the Managing Committee. The said decision shall be final and binding on the students.

The institute has adequate hostel facility for outstation students. Student need to separately fill the Hostel Admission Form and follow hostel rules and regulations.

Temporary Identity card cum Fee Card will be issued to every student after admission / registration / re-registration. Biometric ID Card (valid for duration of the coursed enrolled) will also be issued after the completion of admission process and before examination. Every student is required to carry Identity Card all the time and produce it whenever demanded. ID Card must be completely filled and photograph must be duly signed/attested by authority. ID Card is essentially required to use all facilities in college, like laboratories, library, sports, canteen etc. The loss of the identity card, whenever it occurs, shall immediately be reported in writing to the college office. Duplicate Identity Card can be issued (in case of loss of ID card), after written request from the student.

Fee Card cum Temporary ID Card will be issued to all students at the start of every semester. Whenever student pays his/her fee online/offline he/she must get his/her Fee Card updated from accounts office (counter signature of accounts officer compulsory).

Students must attend all lectures and practical’s as scheduled. Minimum of 75% attendance in theory as well as practical lab sessions are required for semester end examination, failing which student will be detained and will not be allowed for exams. A student detained in the course would be allowed to appear in the subsequent university exams only on having completed the attendance in the subject, when the course is offered as regular course(s), as per the rules. Absenteeism from classes is not appreciated. If any student remains absent for more than two weeks without sanctioned leave, his/her name will  be stuck off. He/she can re-register with approval on suitable reason and proof for absentee, along with applicable re-registration fee to continue his/her studies.

Generally no leave is permitted during the course except emergency. Emergency leave can be allowed/sanctioned on application countersigned by parents.

Short leave during college hours (due to suitable reason) can be allowed, by obtaining Gate Pass, with recommendation of Class Teacher and permission of Competent Authority.

Students must adhere to the formal dress code (when prescribed) for classes, as well as, during practical classes. Student will be required to wear laid down uniform as per instructions.

Total two MST’s (Mid Semester Test) will be conducted every semester. Every student must appear for MSTs. Assignments and/or Project/Training report (as applicable) shall be submitted (as per instructions), within the specified time period. Successful submission/passing in MST, assignments and Projects etc., is required, to appear in the semester-end examination. Evaluations of MST’s, assignments, projects, training etc. are for the purpose of internal/external assessment by faculty/examiner.

Student is required to pay the fee within dates specified/notified. Mode of payment shall be online through website, online transfer, demand draft, cheque, credit/debit card or cash. We don’t appreciate cash submission of course fee.

Each year will consist of two semesters. The university examination will be held at the end of every semester in the months of December/January and April/May or as decided by the competent authority. Examination fee (as applicable) will be collected directly by University. It is the sole responsibility of every student to get informed and check university website / notice board for last dates. To avoid late fee every student must strictly follow the dates specified by IKGPTU for examination fee submission on University portal/website.

In case a student fails to clear any internal/external exam/paper, he/she can reappear for any pending exam after filling reappear form and paying applicable reappear fee on University portal/website. Reappear exams are conducted every semester, along with regular exams.

In case any student fails to clear any paper, he/she can appeal for the reevaluation within 21 days of declaration of result, after filling reevaluation form and paying the required fee on university portal directly. Student is required to inform college authority for confirming his/her reevaluation form.

In general there will be one Educational/Recreational/Industrial trip and/or training every semester, which is part of curriculum and no student, is exempted for the same. Staying away from this can result in fine and reduction in Internal Assessment. Students has to pay applicable charges for the same.

KMS College Library has a large, well facilitated reading hall with online database browsing area and group discussion area. It has number of International/National reference books related to different subjects, periodicals, references, national & international journals covering all aspects of academic studies & research material.

Anti-ragging committee, racial / cast discrimination committee and women cell have been constituted in the Institute. Any student facing any problem can contact the respective committee or their Class Representative for his/her issue/’s.

For important information/updates all the students must check/visit website regularly and see the notice board daily. It is responsibility of students to check the website/noticeboard/SMS whenever sent/updated by College. College is not responsible for informing all students individually for the updates.

Student is required to inform the College immediately about any change in contact details including permanent/correspondence address, mobile numbers and email-id. In case of any change in address and contact number, the students must inform the college immediately.

Student can visit Student Facilitation Center to get any assistance/help regarding fee payment, photocopy, online work, printouts etc.

Complaint and Suggestion box is available in the premises. Student can drop his/her complaint/suggestion in the box. The complaint/suggestion box is always opened only in the presence of authorities.