Library @ KMS

Resourceful Library: Our fully computerized and Wi-Fi-enabled library houses an extensive collection of approximately 6359 books and a plethora of international and national journals, providing resources for the teaching-learning process. KMS has established itself as a centre of higher learning providing a high quality of management education. This has been possible only with the help of dedicated & experienced staff, and a fast-growing well-furnished digital library. The library mains a reading area with magazines, novels, and newspapers that students can refer to. The library staff has maintained a separate attendance register for both students and faculties. The libraries are well-equipped with air-coolers, CCTV security systems, and Fire alarms. Additionally, WiFi facilities, desktops, and printers are installed in the libraries.

The e-library equipped with 10 computers with internet, provides support to subscribing e-books and e-journal. These computers are used to access the various library links that the Institute has subscribed to E-resources & journals can be accessed from a remote distance. This inculcates research facilities among students and staff.

Link to login for e-journals (DELNET)

Link to view e-Books

Link to National Digital Library of India


The services of the Library are divided into three sections

(A) Circulation section
(B) Reference Section
(C) Book Bank Section
(D) Computer Section

Circulation Section
Library books are issued/returned through the software KOHA. At the time of borrowing a book, the student is required to show an Identity Card at the library circulation counter. While returning the books, it is the duty of the student to ensure that the library assistant has made the appropriate entry in library records. The library issues books only to the regular students of KMS from the circulation section of the Library.

Reference Section
This section has at least one copy of the book as prescribed in the syllabus for each subject. Journals and magazines are also kept here for reference. Books from the Reference section are not issued to the students.

Book Bank Section
Books play a significant role in the student life. Bibi Amar Kaur Ji Educational Society, Dasuya, has started KMS BOOK BANK SOCIETY, to help poor and needy students. Book Bank is providing Free Syllabus Books to these types of deserving students every year/semester. Members of the KMS Book Bank Society voluntarily contribute for this noble cause.

Book Bank Application Form: Students can obtain an “Application Form for Free Books” from the KMS Admission Office.

Rules and Regulations:

  1. All candidates interested in getting books from Book Bank have to submit the duly filled Request Application within 15 days of the start of the academic session.
  2. All the Request Applications received will be scrutinized and the final list will be announced.
  3. The student will / have to return all the books borrowed from the Book Bank within ten days of the completion of his/her examination in good as new condition i.e., without damage, otherwise, books will not be issued in the next semesters.

Library Fine Collection
When the student returns the book after the due date, the library charges a late fine @ Rs. 2/- per day per book. A proper receipt is given for the money taken with the signatures of the Librarian. The total amount collected from the fine is deposited in the Accounts Section.

  1. The library shall remain open from 09.00 A.M. to 4.30 P.M. on all working days. In addition, library facilities may be extended for any class of users by the competent authority.
  2. The Reference Section has two sub-sections. One section has encyclopaedias, dictionaries, handbooks, yearbooks, atlas, novels etc. While the other section has Periodicals (journals, magazines) and certain important textbooks. However, the resources of this section are not issued to any student.
  3. The students will be issued a maximum of 3 books for a period of 10 days.
  4. It will be the duty of the student to take proper care of every resource borrowed from the library and return it to the library in the same condition as it was at the time of borrowing. In case a book is defaced/ mutilated, the student has to replace it with a new book of the latest edition. Students are required to take necessary care while using the resources of the library. If any student is found guilty of mishandling any book, journal, CD, etc. disciplinary action will be taken against him.
  5. The entire library is under the CCTV surveillance system.
  6. Before entering the library students have to sign in the Visitors’ Register.
  7. Use of Mobile phones (with or without speakers or headphones) is strictly prohibited inside the Library.
  8. Writing, marking or otherwise disfiguring or damaging books or furniture is prohibited & punishable.
  9. Students are required to maintain silence in the library.
  10. Drinking/eating/talking/sleeping or sitting in an inappropriate posture is prohibited in the library. Readers are required to leave the books/documents on the reading table after use. They are prohibited from keeping/hiding a document at any other place in the Library.
  11. After the Final End-Term Exam is over, each student is required to obtain a No-Dues Certificate from the Library on returning all the books issued to him/her, surrendering the borrower’s card and paying outstanding dues, if any. The library rules and regulations can be modified from time to time and shall be binding on all concerned.