Rules and Regulations

  • The information contained in the Website is only for general guidance and should not be treated as legal document. It could be changed / modified from time to time by the Competent Authority.
  • The fee, once collected, is not refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances.
  • Failure to pay fees by the due date shall result in imposition of fine.
  • Cancellation of Admission: The College reserves its right to cancel the admission of successful Candidate under any of the following circumstances:
  1.  If the fee is not deposited by the stipulated date.
  2.  If the candidate does not join the particular programmer by the stipulated date even though the Fee has been deposited.
  3.  If the candidate fails to furnish the proof of the stipulated minimum qualifications.
  • The Competent Authority of the College reserves the right to alter or modify the structure of any of the programs to attain the objective of excellence.
  • The College reserves its right to change the existing fee structure.
  • The College reserves its right to publish students photograph in media for promotional activities.
  • The College reserves its right to modify, alter and / or include any other Terms and Conditions that may be deemed necessary in the interest of the student.
  • Jurisdiction: Any dispute pertaining to admission, or any matter as a student or alumnus of KMS College shall be subjected to the jurisdiction of the Dasuya Courts only.
  • Ragging within or outside the College campus is prohibited. Whoever directly or indirectly commits, participates in, abets or propagates ragging within or outside the College campus shall be punished which may extend to fine/expulsion/ imprisonment.
  • Student should undertake to certify that the documents submitted by him/her are original/genuine and not fake and to the best of his/her knowledge. If found otherwise the fee of the student shall be forfeited and separate legal action would be taken by the College.
  • Student should keep himself/herself well versed with the updates in the College & University through our notice boards & website. College is not responsible for any individual intimation of information.
  • Student should pay all the relevant fees such as Examination / Re-evaluation / Student Related Fee (along with odd semester exam) / Document Fee (along with last semester exam), etc. as described by University within given time.