Sports Wing

KMS Sports Wing

College students are usually in their teen ages. This is the age for them build their personality including sporting. Though academic curriculum keeps them busy in that period to learn technical stuff and get a job, the importance of sports in helping to have a good mental and physical health is undeniable. Hence to develop the Fitness and Concentration Level of the students both indoor and outdoor games are encouraged at KMS. To restrain and boost power of students, it is an advantage to be a part of any extracurricular activity. It not only helps them to reduce stress but can also help them to develop themselves and it will lead to a healthier environment. The sports facilities in a common area at KMS College campus force the students to be more active. We ensure the engagement and participation of the students in the sports.

Sports events – To engage the students and help them to discover their talent in sports, KMS College hosts events like Inter Department Sports Fest, Sports Meet, Indoor Games Competitions, Sports Function, etc.

Improve the Academic performance – The students engaged in sports have good academic performance also. The sports facilities improves and develops the fitness and concentration level of the students.

Skills Development – Playing sports build many skills in a student like teamwork, leadership, self-confidence, time-management etc. Other than these qualities, student succeeds in developing the ability of thinking in critical situations.

Keeping in view the importance of sports in today’s scientific era and its vitality in the shaping of individual’s personality and health and fitness, with the help of Dhindsa Family, KMS College has set up Late Mrs. & Mr. Baldev Singh Dhindsa Sports Wing having spacious grounds for Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, etc., These activities provide a useful channel for the growth and development of the body. The Institute also organizes activity like Hiking and Trekking with the help of Department of Youth Services.