Discipline and Instructions for Students

KMS College of IT and Management is highly disciplined institute, therefore, all students will strictly abide by all the rules and regulations of the Institute. Discipline includes the observance of good conduct and orderly behaviour by students. The following and such other rules/instructions as framed by the college authority from time to time shall be strictly observed by the students :

  • Every student shall maintain discipline and consider it his/her duty to behave decently at all places.
  • Students will always keep the institute clean and ensure the surroundings are also clean and tidy.
  • No student shall visit places or areas declared by the college as “Out of Bounds” for the students.
  • Any student found guilty of impersonation or of giving false name or found guilty of forgery shall be liable to disciplinary action.
  • Full care of computer systems, laboratories equipment, furniture and other equipment will be taken by the students. Breakages (if any) will be borne by the concerned student/class as the case may be.
  • Student should not involve himself/herself directly or indirectly in disciplinary activities like loss to College & Hostel property / theft case / ragging / fighting / quarreling / use of abusive language / misbehave with follow students, juniors / seniors within campus or with outsiders at public places and also with Staff members, failing which disciplinary action shall be initiated against him/her as deemed necessary or may be handed over to police for legal proceedings according to nature of offence.
  • Any accident/injury during the course to any student is at his/her own risk and no compensation can be claimed for the same.
  • No student will indulge in any political activities during the course. No Union activity shall be allowed at any campus.
  • No visitors are allowed to meet any student, except with exclusive permission from authority.
  • No student is allowed to join other Institute/College/Full-time Job during the course and no leave will be granted for the same.