Hostel Facility

The institute has adequate hostel facility for outstation students.

Student need to separately fill the Hostel Admission Form and follow hostel rules and regulations.


  1. RULES :- (i) No Hosteler shall be allowed to stay out without written request of the local guardian & written permission of Chief Administrator/ Warden. Decision of the Chief Administrator/Warden will be final in such cases. Any violation will make him liable for expulsion without any notice. (ii) No guests / non-Hostelers are allowed in the Hostel in any case. Trespassers shall be handed over to the police. (iii) Playing of radio or TV, use/installation of air conditioner, cooler, heater, heat convector, electrical-kettles, iron & immersion-rods are strictly prohibited inside the premises of the hostel. Non compliance of this rule will result in immediate eviction from the hostel & forfeiture of appliance. No misuse of electricity/water is allowed and leaving the room without switching off lights will invite penalty. (iv) The Hostel authorities shall keep the hostel clean and hygienic and the Hostelers shall help in doing so. (v) The Hosteler shall get breakfast, lunch and dinner, as per schedule. (vi) No inter exchange of rooms shall be allowed without written approval of the hostel authorities. (vii) In case a student wants to go to his home town or outside hostel he/she shall have to inform the hostel authorities in writing & make entries in the register while going and coming back accordingly. (viii) Playing of games in the Corridor or on the roof etc. is not allowed. (ix) All hostelers mut keep their ID proof handy all the time for checking.


  1. REGULATIONS :- (i) No unbecoming activity of a student shall be allowed inside the hostel premises. The management reserves the right to evict any Hosteler if it is found that he is involved in any illegal/ unethical/ unprincipled/ immoral/ corrupt/ dishonest activity and due to which his/her stay in the Hostel Causes disciplinary or any other related problems for the management and the other occupier of the hostel. (ii) The Hostelers are advised not to keep any valuable article in the hostel. For any theft or loss of valuable articles, it will be the sole responsibility of that Hosteler and by way of no means what so ever Hostel management can be held responsible for such lose. (iii) Any Hosteler guilty of misconduct, breach of rules or showing disrespect to authority and nuisance to others including neighbors, shall immediately be expelled from the hostel without any notice. No justification for this can be sought from the hostel authorities. (iv) Any damage to the property of hostel/hostel management shall have to be paid in cash individually or the persons responsible or jointly by all the Hostelers. It will not be adjusted from Caution Money. (v) The Chief Administrator’s decision regarding fines shall be binding and final on all Hostelers. (vi) Any dispute arising on account of these rules shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Dasuya Court only. (vii) Any weapon like gun, arms, sharp-edged weapons, lathi, etc. are not allowed in any case.


  1. FEES & CHARGES :- (i) Once a student is admitted to the hostel, he is liable to pay Hostel Fee (as informed by administration, per semester or per year) (ii) Every student shall have to deposit Caution Money Rs.2,000/- at the time of admission to the hostel (iii) The above charges are subject to revision without any prior notice and the decision of the management in this regard will be final and binding on the Hostler, his/her Guardian / parent. (iv) Caution money will not be refunded if a Hosteler leaves hostel earlier for any reason whatsoever. (v) He/She will be required to clear all dues. No adjustment of any balance amount payable will be permissible from the Caution money. (vi) After the completion of final semester, Hosteler will have to take permission and No Dues Certificate from the Chief Administrator/Warden when he finally leaves the hostel. The Caution Money amount will be refunded only when No Dues Certificate has been submitted. (v) No part of the fee paid (Hostel Fee and mess charges) is refundable for any reason.


Colour Passport Size Photographs required for Guardianship Card:

  • Candidate Photograph : 2
  • Father’s Photograph : 1
  • Mother’s Photograph : 1
  • 1st Guardian’s Photograph : 1
  • 2nd Guardian’s Photograph : 1
  • 3rd Guardian’s Photograph : 1

Note : Only the persons authorised as guardian will be allowed to meet / take the ward out of college/hostel.