Eco Club

A “green campus” is a place where sustainable and eco-friendly behaviours are encouraged through education and environmentally friendly actions. By establishing sustainable solutions to the environmental, social, and economic requirements of humanity, the green campus concept gives an institution the chance to take the lead in reinventing its environmental culture and generating new paradigms.

KMS Eco Club

The College maintains the lush green campus in the heart of Dasuya providing an environment conducive to learning and growth, with approximately 3902 m2 of covered space. In order to make the campus more environmentally friendly, wasted inefficiencies must be eliminated, conventional energy sources must be used for everyday power demands, proper disposal must be handled, environmentally friendly goods must be purchased, and an efficient recycling program must be implemented. KMS College has KMS Eco Club for implementing its green campus projects. In order to provide clear and efficient institutional planning the KMS Eco Club college initiatives for greening the campus are as follows:

  • Landscaping with trees and plants
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Use of Bicycles / Battery Powered & CNG Transport
  • Restricted entry of vehicles
  • Compost pit
  • Pedestrian-friendly Road
  • Plastic-free campus
  • Energy saving
  • No Smoking
  • Zero Tolerance, Anti-Ragging campus

Different activities of KMS Eco Club members :-

Free plants distributed –

Free plants were distributed in area to create a clean and green environment in the future

Free carry bags distributed (Say No to Plastic) –

Easily decompose-able carry bags were prepared and distributed to save our earth.

Carry bag making campaign from waste cloth pieces –

Campaign for making carry bags from waste cloth pieces was started by the members. This district level campaign was launched at KMS College. An exhibition was conducted and DC Hoshiarpur appreciated the efforts of KMS students, while visiting the exhibition held at Hoshiarpur.

Grow more treas campaign –

Many fruit trees/plants were grown in the area, which are helpful in generating a clean and fresh environment in the College surroundings.

Sh. Avinash Rai Khanna (Vice Chairman, Indian Red Cross Society and Vice President of Bhartiya Janta Party, Earlier, member of Rajya Sabha and member of the 14th Lok Sabha of India, represented the Hoshiarpur constituency of Punjab) came to inaugurate the campaign.