Principal’s Desk

Message from the Principal’s Desk

A teacher is someone who helps people around, find the purpose of education and the upliftment of self. A teacher is someone who imparts wisdom and guiding an individual to fulfill his duties to the nation and further his self. As the Principal of the college, I have been overseeing the various activities and the curriculum at KMS College of IT & Management that enables students to carry out their duty as a true citizen of the country, as well as find their purpose in life. “We ensure that apt group discussions and skill development sessions are organized to help our students realize their true selves. Moreover, various social and environmental activities ensure that they understand their role and duty towards being responsible citizens of the world,” she says.
I love being in the educational field as it is one of the most rewarding careers. “In my 35 years of experience as an educator, I have had the opportunity to help and guide several students who faced issues with problems and choosing a career.”

At the same time, with technology advancing at lightning speed, education has become more practical oriented. Across the world, there has been a shift in the way education is perceived, yet in India, it still is 90% theory-oriented. Books and black/smartboards can only teach so much. Hands-on experience through project implementation is usually reserved for the last six months or so of the last year of the particular course. But the solution does not lie in introducing practical knowledge earlier on in the course, it lies in providing hands-on experience to the teachers; because if they have no clue how things work, how can they teach students? At KMS, we take special care of our faculty and facilitate them.

I assure each one of you of our resolve to provide the best infra and education facilities.

I wish you good luck for your journey here at KMS College of IT & Management and all future endeavours.

Dr. Shabnam Kaur
Ph.D., M.Phil., MCA, MBA